Webinar Series

Debt Consolidation and Home Loan Refinancing 

Refinancing and Debt Consolidation is one of the most popular topics and Debt Consolidation is the top reason for our clients to look at refinancing their Home Loan.

We will go over how Refinancing and Debt Consolidation works and show any example of how we reduced the monthly repayments by $1100 for our clients!

Buy an Investment Property!

Thinking about buying an Investment Property but don't know where to start?

We will discuss the basics and share experiences with seasoned property investors and property experts.

Low Doc & Specialist Loans

What is a "Low Doc" loan?

We will explain what these products are and provide examples of where such products are a great solution for self-employed and business owners!

First Home Buyers Guide

How to buy your First Home?

What to do, what to look out for? How much deposit do you need. What if you have a low deposit?

We answer these questions and more! And help you get into your first home sooner!

I trust you will find my webinars informative and helpful!

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