Business & Asset Finance

Whether you are starting out, or in the next phase of expanding your business, finance is vital to your growth. There are many ways to finance your business for growth, from short term business loans to buy stock, equipment or use as working capital, to longer term financing for more significant assets such as vehicles and capital equipment. We can help you find the best solutions to suit your needs.

Business Loans

Cashflow & Working Capital

Vehicles and Equipment


Need equipment to grow your business? Depending on the nature of your business and the type of equipment you need. There are a number of financing solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

With rapidly changing technology, you may not actually want to buy or own the equipment, so leasing maybe an option. On the other hand, if the equipment is relatively low cost or have a short payback cycle, you may consider other funding options.


As a vendor of equipment, offering the appropriate type of financing solutions to your customers could be a critical enabler to more sales.If you are selling technology solutions, many businesses are moving towards a services model.

We can help you structure financing solutions to suit the needs of your customers. For example, hardware, software and services can be bundled into a monthly payment option and financed as a rental, which can be a very powerful selling tool.


Difficult loan for home business

Alan assisted me with a difficult loan for a home business. I had exhausted all avenues with the banks and was coming up empty. Alan was able to get through the red tape and find me a loan that suited my budget and needs. Alan was a true partner in this. Some mortgage brokers that we have dealt with in the past see you as a number on an application if the figures don’t add up they just say no. Alan took the time to understand my needs and worked with me till we could agree on a plan. Alan even went to the trouble of visiting the property and assisting me in that process.

We have already begun discussing a second investment property and have a great feeling about that. Do yourself a favour and give Alan at G3 Capital a call, you won’t regret it.

Julian McEvoy